Briding ICT Power

Background & Objective

Background and Objectives

From 2003 to 2007, Microsoft Unlimited Potential (UP) described a community investment program supporting Community Technology Learning Centres. Beginning 2007, “Unlimited Potential” is used to describe Microsoft’s expanded, integrated and accelerated long-term global business and citizenship commitment to bring the benefits of technology to those who currently receive little or no benefits from technology.

The previous UP, now known as Community Technology Skills Program (CTSP), is one of the Microsoft’s flagship digital inclusion programs, which serves to enable jobs and opportunities. The program provides:

  • Technology Training
  • Cash donations
  • Software and Curriculum
  • Technical Expertise

CTSP focuses on improving lifelong learning for underserved young people and adults by providing technology skills through publicly accessible Community Technology Learning Centres (CTLCs). Today, Microsoft is supporting 29,000 CTLCs in 102 countries through grants of cash and software, specialized curriculum and global supporting network.


Community Technology Skills Program in Hong Kong

The CTSP was first launched in Hong Kong in 2003. Microsoft Hong Kong has contributed more than HK$40 million since 2003 to support NGOs to establish 48 CTLCs in 18 districts. These CTLCs offer numerous technology training programs, including teaching IT basics, desktop applications, email and Internet, etc to various disadvantaged groups, such as low-income families, senior persons, new arrivals, ethnic minorities, etc. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, a long-term partner of Microsoft Hong Kong in digital inclusion work, is currently coordinating the CTSP in 7 CTLCs of 4 member NGOs of the Council.

By the end of 2011, CTSP and 530,000 individuals had benefited from the CTSP program.

For more details about the Microsoft UP and CTSP, please visit the Microsoft Hong Kong Community Affairs website: