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Establishment of HKCSS Social Enterprise Limited

Establishment of HKCSS Social Enterprise Limited


I am honored to let you that a new company, namely “HKCSS Social Enterprise Limited”, has been established upon our recent re-organization efforts.  Under this new company, a number of our previous business units would be trading with their respective business/branch names as follows:-


        Information Technology Resource Centre

        Internet Learning Resource Centre




You may be reassured that our overall mission remains as promoting the deployment of information technologies in the local social service sector for more efficient and effective service delivery, and to contribute in the development of a digitally-inclusive society.  It will also be a dynamic structure, with the appropriate capacity to respond to the ever-evolving needs of society, while making the best use of the rapidly evolving technologies at the same time.


Existing service contracts would be executed fully under the new company.  We will advise you the necessary arrangement in due course.  In the meantime, please refer to the attached Appendix for some immediately-effective administrative procedures.


We look forward to your continuous support to our new effort in serving you better, thank you very much!


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