WebOrganic Fund


Generational poverty is a rooted social dilemma that is inextricably intertwined with the socio-economic development. Narrowing the digital divide would be a prominent key to foster the all-rounded development and growth of our future generation. WebOrganic Fund is, therefore, established by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service – WebOrganic. We envision to promote, actualize and sustain digital inclusion, and alleviate perpetual poverty by providing students financial aid to access internet services.
>> For the Fund’s application form and enquiry, please visit: www.WebOrganic.hk


Eligible applicant could receive subsidy of HK$3,900 in maximum, and for the applicants with disabilities or special education needs could receive subsidy of HK$5,000 in maximum. The subsidy will be allocated directly for the broadband service subscription from WebOrganic. All subsidizing item is listed on the application form.


  • All application should be submitted on basis of family household. The family household should contain at least one member who is aged from to 6 to 18 and is a Hong Kong Permanent Resident; AND
    • Applicant who is not under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme or the School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme; and monthly household income is not exceeding income limit (The limits of the monthly household income and the low-income households are defined, respectively, by 75% and 50% of the latest quarterly median monthly household income released by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department); OR
    • Applicant who is under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme or the School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme; and, is willing to spend the subsidy for Internet Access Charges ($1,500/$750) on service subscription from WebOrganic but cannot afford the subscription fee balance;
  • Priorities will be given to applicant who is the first member in the household to apply, or applicant who have not submitted application in the past 3 years;
  • Should there be any special circumstances, the assessment panel would make decision on a case-by-case basis.

Application Method
After completing the application form and preparing the document proof, applicant should pass all documents to a registered social worker for primary verification and recommendation. All application should be referred to WebOrganic by a registered social worker for further verification and approval.
Documents Required (including documents for the applicant and members living with the applicant):

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of school attendance
  • Proof of financial statement (bank records showing the current balance and record in the past 6 months, payroll slip, etc)
  • Proof of address (electricity bill, water bill or phone bill within a month)
  • Proof of receiving the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) or the School Textbook Assistance (TA) (only applicable to 2b application eligibility)
  • Document proof of other special circumstances

General Application
The maximum subsidy is HK$3,900 for all general application. Applications are accepted all year round. After receiving the application, WebOrganic will initially reply to the registered social worker. Upon collecting all required documents, in general, WebOrganic will release the application result after 21 working days and notice the related registered social worker. For individual cases with special situation or requesting for amount exceeding $3,900, the case by the assessment panel and the processing time might vary.

>> For the Fund’s application form and enquiry, please visit: www.WebOrganic.hk

Donation Method

Crossed Cheque Payee: “香港社會服務聯會” OR “The Hong Kong Council of Social Service”. Please send the crossed cheque together with a completed donation form to WebOrganic Fund’s Secretariat by mail. Our address is “Rm 1102, 11/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HK”.

Donation Form: http://www.weborganic.hk/weborganic_fund/