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Since 2011, the brand of WebOrganic had been launched by the Internet Learning Resource Centre Ltd, which is a social enterprise wholly owned by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), to implement the programme of “i Learn at home” (http://www.iLearnAtHome.hk/) funded by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. From 2011 to 2018, WebOrganic had served for over eligible 40,000 families. After the end of programme, HKCSS had merged the brand of “WebOrganic” into Information Technology Resource Centre Ltd in 2018, so as to continuously promote eLearning, digital literacy and ICT applications in daily life, ultimately achieve digital inclusion.


WebOrganic aims to empowering the needy in ICT applications by enhancing their accessibility, knowledge & skills, and digital literacy to achieve digital inclusion. Regardless of age, race, economic or physical condition, people should have chance to access to and take use of ICT for their learning and daily living, so as to enhance their quality of life.

The sprouting bean, our logo, represents Hope, Chance and Choice. It is a WebOrganic virtuous circle that denotes growth and innovation for different groups of needy through empowering program and peripheral support.

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