Flag-Bag Easy

Flag-Bag Easy

Saving 80% Flag Bag Managing Time

The biggest challenge for NGOs in organizing Flag Day is the process of counting and collecting flag bags. If they manage their flag bags in a more effective way, they can have a better use of resources to aim for a higher fund-raising target.

Flag Bag Easy (FBE) is organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service with the sponsor of 2013/14 Sector-specific Programme (Logistics) by The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The program consists of an online system and mobile application to assist NGOs to manage the flag bags. NGOs can collect volunteers’data and generate Flag Bag unique QR codes at the backstage online system while Station volunteers can collect and count the flag bags easily by using our FBE mobile application.



20/12/2022 2023-2024 Updated Price List
Please refer to Service Fee
20/12/2022 Special Discount
Please refer to Service Fee



data input

Label Printing
Accurate Counting

Accurate Counting
Status Monitoring

Status Monitoring
Statistical Report

Statistical Report

  Easy Input

 Templates available

 Customized label designand print

 Real time flag bagstatus update

 Support numerouslogins concurrently

 Monitor all stationsin real time

 Easy counting on flag bags

Easy counting on flag bags

 Support Excel format



How it works?

Pre-flag day 1. Upload and Input data to Flag Bag Easy (includes flag day detail, information about system users, station officers, volunteers, e.t.c)

2. Assign volunteers and flag bags to different stations

3. Design and print out labels with QR code and stick them on flag bags
4. Deliver flag bags to volunteers
Flag day 5. Scan the QR code label on flag bag by using Flag Bag Easy mobile apps to Collect and Count the flag bags

6. Monitoring the progress of different stations
Post-flag day 7. Generate Reports


Service Fee

No. of Flag Bag QR Codes Use Service Fee (HKD)
[Applicable to Flag Day from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024]
Below 1,000 $2,800
1,001-2,000 $4,300
2,001-3,000 $5,800
3,001-5,000 $7,300
5,001-8,000 $9,200
8,001-12,000 $12,000
12,001 or more Quotation by request

Inclement Weather Arrangements
If Typhoon Signal #8 or above or Black Rainstorm signal is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory on the Flag Day and it lasts for 4 hours or above within the flag selling period (07:00 to 12:30), a 50% off discount will apply. The time and duration of inclement weather signal issued follow the official announcement of the Hong Kong Observatory.

Special Discount [Applicable to Flag Day from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024]
1. Early registration on or before 30 April,2023 enjoys 10%-off discount.
2. New user enjoys extra 10%-off discount.



Apply Now! Saving 80% Flag Bag Managing Time
Online Application



Open source
Flag Bag Easy is based on Linux (open source) due to security reason and stability, allowing SMEs to avoid repeating development. Thus, resources and costs can be reduced. This project is open source and open to logistic / social service field. However, it limited to internal use but not reselling and any amendments have to be open source and share the same condition.

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service provides source code and relevant documents only. No free technical support is provided. A certain level of professional knowledge is needed for coding and installation.

If you would like to obtain the source code of Flag Bay Easy, please send an E-mail to [email protected] 

Flag-Bag Easy Documents

「Flag Bag Easy」User Manual (Backend CMS)
「Flag Bag Easy」Training PowerPoint (Frontend)



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