Application Solution

Current Solution

With our rich experience, we are competent to provide the following ICT solutions:

Financial Management System –

This system handles the information of invoices/ receipts of purchase/ sales, perform the capital allocation, and provide various financial reports to facilitate the financial management of agencies.

Human Resources Management System –

This system manages the data of payroll, attendance, absence, appraisal and personal information of employees. Agencies are able to make use of the HRMS for deriving output from the talents and knowledge of their employees, and creating the competitive advantage to the agencies.

Online Donation Management System –

By integrating with the payment gateway of bank, the donors are able to make donation online instantly via credit card payment. Agencies are also able to manage and monitor the status of online donation via a series of reports. Besides, the donation designation, display messages and other relevant information are configurable to the users.

Donor Management System –

The system records the basic information of the donors and their donation transactions (including pledge and donation). Besides, the system facilitate the agencies to handle the recurrent donation with higher accuracy. Agencies can also perform analysis on the donors’ behavior and donation pattern to improve their marketing strategy and compaign. Website Development/ Content Management System – We can design and develop website for the agencies to introduce their services, and promote the images and publicities of the agencies.

Knowledge Management System –

Organize knowledge of individual, group and agency systematically. The knowledge can be shared and applied for achieving the agency’s goal.

Document Management System –

The system generates directory with indexes for the documents, and this increases the efficiency of searching and viewing.

Service Management System –

This system stores the data of members and events. The members can enroll the events online with the process streamlined. This system can also help the agencies to output reports which Social Work Department needs.

Tailor-made Application –

We can develop application tailor to the needs of the agencies.