Secondment & Support

Information Technology Resource Centre (ITRC) provides onsite maintenance and support service in an affordable charge:
– A pool of qualified technical engineers with knowledge and expertise in various IT areas.
– Good experience in serving the social service sector
– Maintain stable and reliable IT environment for NGO daily operations
– Provide professional advice in IT development, procurement, infrastructure planning and IT policies
– Easy and flexible way for NGOs to manage resources to be spent on IT
– Various packages to suit different NGOs’ needs

– Agencies can also adopt our one-off I.T. onsite service. The service charge for each visit is as low as HK$1,200 (2 hrs).


6-Month or below Contract

Service Hours

Hourly Rate

Package Charge








12-Month or above Contract

Service Hours

Hourly Rate

Package Charge










** The above price is for reference only

– On-call basis service, order will be fulfilled within two business days.
– Monthly job log and usage report
– Minimum count of 2 hours per session, less than one hour service will be counted as one hour.
– Surcharge will be imposed for non-office hour service.
– Transportation hour will not be counted, However, transportation charge will be imposed.
– For enquiry, please contact Mr. CT Lau at 2922 9289.