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“2022 Hong Kong ICT Awards: Smart Citizen Award” winner sharing and briefing session️ is now accepting applications

The "Hong Kong ICT Awards 2022: Smart Citizenship Award" aims to recognize the efforts of various sectors of the community to develop innovative IT products and put IT into service. In addition to sharing the content of this year's competition, the Smart Citizen Award winner sharing and briefing session was honored to invite the following two groups of winners of the previous year to share their successful elements and competition experience:
📌Ambient 16 智慧樂齡應用 | Descamps Technology
📌中大賽馬會「智」為未來計劃 | 香港中文大學工程學院及教育學院
We firmly believe that the winners' sharing session can bring new impact and inspiration to the participants at the work level, and promote the application of information technology in the industry. Whether you decide to participate or not, we welcome you to participate in the sharing session to communicate with the winners in real time and learn more about the winning works. The briefing session will provide entry tips and precautions, don't miss it! Without further ado, sign up now!
Date: June 8, 2022 (Wednesday) Time: 2:30pm to 4:00pm (log in at 2:25pm) Format: Online Zoom
Registration link: https://event.hkcss.org.hk/individual/join_event_decide.aspx?lang=zh&ID=EventID0003571
Adobe Acrobat 步進雲端應用工作坊

Adobe Acrobat Stepping Cloud Application Workshop

The permanent version of Adobe Acrobat 2017 will terminate technical support including product and security updates on June 6, 2022. Organizations should pay attention to the security risks when continuing to use this version of the product after June 6, as well as the software and future versions. Compatibility issues with operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. As Adobe currently has no plans to provide a perpetual license for the new version, it is recommended that organizations consider switching to the Acrobat Pro DC cloud solution. The use of cloud solutions is not limited by regions and computer devices. Especially during the recent epidemic, employees in institutions have more opportunities to work from home. Acrobat cloud solutions can bring more convenience to colleagues in work, no matter when and where. Any device can be used online. In order to enable the staff to further understand the latest information and functions of the product, the Information Technology Resource Center will hold the "Adobe Acrobat Stepping Cloud Application Workshop" on May 13, and invite Adobe's authorized distributor, Shangqi Technology Co., Ltd. The experts of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC share the latest features, application and management advantages, and how to deploy from permanent version to cloud solution. This workshop will be conducted online via Zoom, free of charge. Co-workers are welcome to sign up to participate. Workshop Details: Date: May 13, 2022 (Friday) Time: 3pm to 4pm Speaker: Mr. Lin Yingfeng, Shangqi Technology Co., Ltd. How to hold: Online via Zoom (Conference link will be emailed to registered co-workers on May 11) Fee: Free

👉🏻 請按此進入網上報名登記 👈🏻


如有查詢,歡迎致電 2922-9283或電郵至 [email protected] 聯絡鄭小姐。


“Vaccine Pass” QR Code Scanning Solution Workshop

"Vaccine Pass" QR Code Scanning Solution Workshop

Click here to enter the project information page 👈🏻   "Vaccine Pass" QR Code Scanning Solution Workshop Powerpoint Presentation Download (21/Apr/2022) Click here to download   The "Vaccine Pass" has been fully implemented in all subsidized or subsidized welfare service units from April 1. All non-governmental organizations and welfare service units are also required to implement relevant measures from the same day. Service personnel must follow the guidelines to enter the premises of the service unit on duty. When entering specified premises (please refer to the Government's "Vaccine Pass" website for details), visitors are also required to hold a "Vaccine Pass" to enter the premises. There are relevant electronic solutions on the market, which make scanning and authenticating electronic cards faster, more convenient and more accurate, greatly improving the efficiency of institutions in checking the "Vaccine Pass".   The Information Technology Resource Center will hold an online workshop on April 21, 2022, and invite Mr. Rao Lingbin, Director of Langang Security Consultants Co., Ltd. to explain and share the fast QR code scanning device they developed – “CHECK”. How to effectively and accurately scan the QR code of the government vaccine passport, including 1, 2, and 3 vaccination records, as well as medical exemption certificates and nucleic acid testing records.   At the same time, we will discuss and explain for you:
  • Guidelines on the Government's Inspection of the "Vaccine Pass"
  • How to use equipment for rapid screening to meet government regulations
  • Comparing the difference between using "Check Needle Easy" and scanning the QR code with a mobile device
  The workshop will be conducted online via Zoom, free of charge. Co-workers are welcome to sign up to participate.   Workshop details are as follows: Date: 21 April 2022 (Thursday) Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm How to hold: Online via Zoom (the conference link will be emailed to registered staff on April 19) Target Audience: Institutional managers, IT and frontline staff Language: Cantonese Fee: Free

👉🏻 Please click here to enter online registration👈🏻


For enquiries, please contact us at 2922-9290 or email[email protected]

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“2022 Hong Kong ICT Awards: Smart Citizen Award”‍ is now accepting applications🔥

️‍“2022 Hong Kong ICT Awards: Smart Citizen Award” award categories and objectives are as follows: 智慧共融:推動弱勢社群參與及促進資訊科技社會發展的權利; 智慧樂齡:表揚各資訊科技創新項目,以回應老齡化社會面臨的挑戰; 智慧教育及學習:推動資訊科技在教育的應用,讓所有年齡、社經背景的人,均能接受教育以及免被邊緣化。 機構如有符合以上目的之項目,歡迎報名參賽。 比賽截止報名日期:2022年6月27日中午12點正 如欲了解更多有關「智慧市民獎」,可參閱官方網站,或直接下載參賽須知及報名表。 如有任何疑問,歡迎向籌辦機構社聯查詢(電郵:[email protected] /電話:2922 9229)。 ...
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