Maintaining social services remotely during the epidemic

Maintaining social services remotely during the epidemic

Maintaining social services remotely during the epidemic

The “Remotely Maintaining Social Services under the Epidemic” network sharing session and the “DG Vision 2019 (Data Governance and Management)” international conference report will be held on the afternoon of August 6, 2020 (Thursday) as a ZOOM online conference. In the sharing session, the organization shared their valuable experience with the organizations and their colleagues. The biggest reason for the success of this sharing session is their enthusiasm and love for service users, which drives them to promote the use of Internet technology to bring distance to service users in the most difficult and resource-poor moments. social service.

In addition, in the post-meeting report of the “DG Vision 2019 (Data Governance and Management)” International Conference, the Information Technology Resource Centre and the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong shared with participants the importance of data governance and management to organizations, and Institutions provide an important direction when developing big data in the future.

Although this sharing session cannot be conducted in a physical format due to the epidemic situation, there are still more than 270 participants. Participants have gained a lot of information and enlightenment about remote social services. They can learn from the valuable experience of sharing organizations to tailor their own remote social services for their organizations.

The participating organizations and co-workers have been listed in the table below:



Mr. Billie Lau – Service Director (Elderly Service)

Ms. Tiffany Tang – Project Manager



Ms. Pony Kong – Head of Hospital Play

Ms. Karen Lau – Assistant Manager of Hospital Play



Ms. Hung Suet Ha, Joey – Manager (YWCA Jockey Club Y Care Elderly Centre)

Mr. Chan Piu Wun, Gin – Project Officer (Y Senior Care)

DG Vision 2019 (Data Governance & Stewardship) Conference會後報告資訊科技資源中心

Mr. Ricky Fung – Deputy General Manager


Mr. Jeff Chan – Officer – Corporate Development